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Why we should all be snazzy dressers


In the summer of 2010,my brand moved into a nice and decent showroom at 87 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch right next to Hoxton Hotel on London East End.My initial inclination was to secure a location on Brewer Street, Sohoo as Soho used to be my stomping ground and still is. Back then we would hang out at China White on Wednesdays and head on to Soho to continue the party till we get completely knackered. Yes,those were fun days.After consultation with my then business manager, Keith Benson, we opted for Shoreditch as Shoreditch was fast becoming the creative hub of London and for an innovative brand such as mine, Shoreditch became an automatic choice.

Well, I seem to have deviated from the topic of this post so let me revert to it. Every time. I come across a quote from the legendary Coco Chanel about everyday being a fashion show, I become very nostalgic about an encounter with the uber stylish and enigmatic chap called Steve Edge aka Lord Shoreditch.

On the particular day we opened our door for business, a nice old school smartly dressed English gentleman waltzed in, nodded his head a couple of times and said ” I think you need to meet Lord Shoreitch”. I smiled and let it slide however when I had two more chaps repeating the same phrase within a spate of three days, I became naturally curious about this so-called Lord Shoreditch.

Whilst I was exiting the Pret Manger which was a few blocks away from the showroom with my super hot cup of cappuccino on a certain morning, I bumped into this snazzy guy in burgundy velvet suit paired with sparkling white shirt and with snow white hair that makes him look quite cool and utterly interesting. And for some reason, it clicked that this must be Lord Shoreditch so I walked up to him and just before I could utter a world, he said “you must be Emmy. I have heard so much about you and everything I heard, tics off”. He came into the showroom a few days later to check it out. During our banter about style, he confided in me about a favourite rich aunt of his. This aunt had so much expensive and quality garments but never wore them and then suddenly she was gone .Since then Steve decided that he didn`t want to be like his late aunt who had all those gorgeous pieces which the wardrobe wore on her behalf.

If you know Steve and have been wondering why he never takes a breather from dressing up, well here you have it.

Can I end by proffering my sincere apologies for the quality of the last image.I just can`t seem to locate a better image of depicting the event?

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