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Uniqueness is a blessing rather than a course,embrace it


Saying that Coco Chanel is legendary is akin to calling the Pope a catholic and one doesn`t deserve a special pat on the back or a medal by simply by espousing something which is already commonly known and widely accepted.

As a child raised by a single mother in a patriarchy Nigerian society, the level of misogyny and indignations that women encounter simply by defying the societal norms and wanting to get on with their lives as they deem fit isn`t lost on me. Sadly enough, such contemptuous acts still linger till today, 48yrs after the death of Coco Chanel. Now, from where I stand, it is incredibly unfathomable how a woman could waltz into the world of fashion way back in the in the early 20th century when women struggled to be seen never mind heard and make such a humongous and lasting impact in the world of fashion. Methinks, she must have cast a spell on the men and women too, oh, seriously she must have or how else can anyone explain it so my little brain can understand it properly? If it were to be in Africa of today, we would have linked her achievements to sorcery or witchcraft.

Personally, I`m unaware of any fashion designer who blazed the trail in a similar fashion and magnitude as Coco Chanel did hence her name still remained relevant till date. Aside her immense talent as a designer, one thing that she became well respected for was her quotes .Even on those rare occasions that my opinions differ from hers, her choice of words usually leaves me in stitches. I often visualise her in room full of men in the 20s dispensing such words of fashion wisdom. Something tells me I would get on well with her as I tend to gel well with smart and strong willed women . They don`t make me jittery and vice versa.

I`m a staunch believer in  being me, it isn`t something I bend over backwards to do but something that comes natural to me so phrases such as this emanating straight outta the queen`s mouth is an  empirical evidence that being different is indeed a gift from God rather than a course and must be celebrated and embraced.

Yes,true to her words,she was different and irreplaceable

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